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Eve Herts Sexy Milf

27 years entertaining gentlemen in Hertfordshire!

Q. Do I mind my profile being copied by other escorts

A. If my profile gets copied I will report you.


Q. Do i go out on dinner dates?

A. Yes i do but at a discounted rate if you are going to wine and dine me.


Q. Do I ever turn anybody away?

A. Yes, very occasionally, I do not see anybody that is drunk or under the influence of narcotics.


Q. Smoking Rules

A. Due to the unpleasant smell and linger of smoke i do not allow this in the apartment.


I most certainly DO NOT allow the use of hard drugs in my premises and anybody that tries to use them will be told to leave.


Q. Cross-dressers

A. I do see cross-dressers at my premises.


Q. Kissing?

A. If you like to be kissed then please make sure you have shaved before you come, have nice smelling breath and not chewing gum. Total put-offs for me.


Q. Do I like receiving gifts?

A. What woman does not like to get a gift. A nice bottle of white wine is always appreciated.


Q. Please be on time for appointments!

A. Please be on time for appointments. Better to arrive early and wait ten minutes than turn up 10 minutes late knowing I have another appointment booked after you. If you do arrive early do not assume I can see you until the chosen time.



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