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Eve Herts Sexy Milf

27 years entertaining gentlemen in Hertfordshire!

Welcome to what little of My World that I'll allow you into until you have proven yourself worthy of taking up even more space.  I take pleasure in strict obedience training. I enjoy the fact that the very presence of Women makes males weaker than they already are.


A domination service for naughty weak pathetic males. You will obey my every word. This could be me spanking you over my knee or tie up your hands and feet and spank you with my bare hand, a leather paddle or whip, drag you along the floor with a collar and leash whilst you are under my control. I have masks, dildos and butt plugs I can use on you. Tell me your fantasy and it will be our little secret. I can humiliate you, tie your balls and give as much pain as you can take. I can be a real BITCH!


Firm and strict where needed, I don't go back on my word! I love humiliating and disciplining men. I DO NOT tolerate bad/sub-standard behaviour. I DO NOT accept poor excuses for your pathetic ways either.  My style is NOT screaming and shouting for the entire session. I am controlling and dominant in my own unique way. I don't 'put it on' or 'fake' a Domm personality during the session. It's the real me just amplified!


Sissy boys/maid training wimps are welcome too. I just love having my cleaning done for me. I can then have a nice break whilst you carry on doing all my daily chores. I do like my cleaning done properly or I will not see you again. I like my washing-up done for me and my floors washed and all my dusting done. I will leave you for an hour or so to do the work whilst I sit and watch telly with my feet up. Then if I am happy with the results I will reward you with a butt plug up your filthy fucking arse and tossing you off - but only good boys get this!


All appliances used are washed and sterilised after use so no fear of catching any germs. Cleanliness is very important to me.


Brutal Ball busting, Bondage, Restraint, Ropes, Caning, Spanking, Paddles, Cross Dressing, Sissy Training, Interrogation, Tie and Tease, Small Penis Humiliation, Mummy's Boy - ask me what you would like to try.